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Broken Heart Necklace

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Our gold broken heart pendant is a very popular piece. It is made with a thick layer of 18k gold, heavily plated, which helps the gold stay for a very long time without fading or losing its shine.

Our broken heart pendants fit up to 6mm chains.

The stones we use in our broken heart pendants are high clarity AAA cubic zirconia stones that shine and reflect with different accents to any type of light, at any time of the day and make your appearance noticeable anywhere, at anytime.


Our rugs are shipped out within 24 hours, we will mark it as SOLD OUT if we have no more inventory.... Please note that our inventory sells out quick so get it while it lasts!


"Delor has been blowing up in the sneaker game but not for sneakers, for rugs. They have been creating, sneaker inspired rugs that have been going crazy online."